Black And Tie-Dye Heart Stud Earrings

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These paper stud earrings are made from a dark gray paper, and a tie-dye paper. A larger black heart is set with a smaller tie-dye paper heart. Double-sided, the two sides are glued together with Elmer's Glue.  The hypoallergenic silver stud posts are incorporated, then the whole thing is sealed with ModPodge. The ModPodge gives them a nice stiffness, while keeping them near weightless! 

Both kinds of paper are acid & Lignin free. 
Clear rubber stoppers are included. 

Cat G Design is a small shop based in upstate NY that specializes in upcycled accessories that give back- 10% of profits are donated to the Central NY Cat Coalition, a local volunteer based organization that does amazing work healing & homing kitties in need.

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