paper stud earrings


If you like your earrings nestled up against your earlobe, then this is your collection! 

These paper studs are double-sided, the two sides glued together with Elmer's Glue, and then sealed (with the stud in place) with ModPodge. The ModPodge gives the stud earrings a nice stiffness, while maintaining the lightweight aesthetic. These studs are so lightweight, in fact, you'll forget you're wearing them! But people will notice them and remind you what lovely jewelry you have on ;) 

The studs are made from hypoallergenic silver posts. Clear rubbed stoppers are included. 

Because they are sealed with ModPodge, they are water resistant, but not water proof. As I always tell my customers: 

Caught in a rainstorm? They will be fine. 
Jump in a pool? Not so much. 

Please ask me any questions you might have!